Taffyta Muttonfudge
Name Taffyta Muttonfudge
Universe Disney
Debut Wreck-It Ralph
Lawl Series Lawl with Garterbelt Race
Standard Kart Pink Lightning
Special Kart Revenge Lightning
Home Track Sugar Rush
Key-Keeper Yes
Voiced by Mindy Kaling
Rival Mike BlazeStar

Racer InfoEdit

The lollipop-lickin' Taffyta Muttonfudge is a top-notch racer in the game Sugar Rush. She is a fierce competitor who keeps her eyes on the prize and isn't afraid to derail anyone who gets in her way. Though King Candy is Sugar Rush’s reigning racing champion, Taffyta always manages to give him a run for his money with her wicked driving skills. Taffyta is a young tan-skinned girl with bob-cut platinum-blonde hair, rosy cheeks, a strawberry helmet, a hot pink glittery dress, brilliant red jacket, and pink and white stockings and sneakers. Her helmet has a green brim and her collar is also green. She has blue eyes, glossy red lips, and thick dark lashes varnished in mascara. She is shown to wear a strawberry helmet similar to her dress with a pink visor while racing.If Tafftya Unlocks Amy she sticks her tounge out at Amy



Pink LightningEdit

Her signature kart.


Revenge LightningEdit

Much like her Pink Lightning, but have a darker color and upgraded specialty. Perfect to beat Mike BlazeStar.

Super MoveEdit

Portable Cherry BombEdit

Taffyta manage to take some Cherry Bomb to throw at the racer, creating an explosion to take out a group. Super Move Theme:


  • In World of Lawl RPG, She was killed by Mike BlazeStar before she was revived. It the reason why Mike is her rival in Arcade Mode.