Name Sandvich33
Universe Steam
Real Life
Debut Facebook/Steam
Lawl Series Unknown
Standard Kart 20ZX Hyundai Manslaughter
Special Kart Autocycle Blazemaster
Home Track Allgood Road
Stone Mountain, GA
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by John M. Mitchell
Rival  ???

Racer InfoEdit

Sandvich33 is a basic teenage person with a series of bizarre gadgetry and such. He mostly bares a resemblance to Luigi, who is his favorite of the Mario Brothers, in order to mask what he refers to as his own hideousness. With a fox in his arms and his hand on the wheel alongside The Joker, he's ready to start up his engines and drive like hell!


20ZX Hyundai ManslaughterEdit

20zx hyundai manslaughter

Super MoveEdit

Pure DeathEdit

Sandvich33 places one hand on the rearview mirror while the other's in the preferred 2:00 position and then shines it into the opponent with a green beacon of light. This then transports the racer to the nearest pit stop, showing that the kart needed some repairs.

Super Move Theme: Lostprophets - Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) (skip to the bridge)


  • The name of Sandvich33's 20ZX Hyundai Manslaughter was used in a little project during his freshman year and first semester in high school.