Race Master
Name Race Master
Universe Lawl Racing
Debut Lawl Racing
Lawl Series Unknown
Boss Track Cyberspace Void
Voiced by Takashi Ukaji
Boss of Level 15

Boss InfoEdit

Race Master, is the main antagonist of Lawl Racing. He's the original host of the Lawl Race Tournament. He's a demon who was born 1500 Years old, as he was banished from Heaven by God, know he wants revenge on him. He has a light violet helmet crown with a large yellow spike and a red jewel on the top, he has a dark violet cape, red scarf, and green eyes, but he never reveals his face. As his true form, his body was covered in black light with grey gloves and brown boots.


Normal FormEdit

Shadow BallEdit

Race Master creates a ball made of shadow and throws at the racer

Fire WallEdit

Race Master summons two walls made of dark fire, and crushes the racer.


Race Master shoots three directional thunder balls from his eyes.

Freeze BeamEdit

Race Master shoots a beam made of ice from his hand.

True FormEdit

Race Master (True Form)

Race Master's True Form

Iron TailEdit

Race Master forms into Mega Aggron's metalic tail from his back, and swings at the racer.

Σ BladeEdit

Race Master's left hand forms into True Sigma's Blade and slashes at the racer.

Earthquake FistEdit

Race Master's arms forms into Kevin Explender's Bigger Arms and creates an earthquake.

Stone EdgeEdit

Race Master's hands forms into Mega Tyranitar's heads and throws small stones into the race.

Mecha-Porky DroneEdit

Race Master's legs forms into Porky's spider-like mecha's legs, and drops a Mecha-Porky, wich explodes to the racer if is in contact.

Way to DefeatEdit

To defeat his normal form, the racer must use the Reflecting Mirror from the Item Box to bounce the Shadow Ball into him for 3 hits. In his true form, the racer must use the Shell, a Bomb for two hits, then Speed Shoes for a final hit to knock him out of the track, which he explodes, thus winning the mission.