Rabbid and Minion
Name Minion
Universe Rabbids Invasion (Rabbid)
Despicable Me (Minion)
Debut Re-Lawl
Lawl Series Re-Lawl
Standard Kart Penguins's Toy Car
Special Kart Banana Hovercraft
Home Track TBA
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Unknown
Rival Private Meekley and Sergeant Blast

Racer InfoEdit

Role in Story ModeEdit


Standard: Penguins's Toy CarEdit

"Known for his thieving nature, Rabbids and Minions do not forgive any opportunity for new loot ... even if it is a penguin commando squad's vehicle."

Special: Banana HovercraftEdit

"What do you get when you combine a Rabbid's knowledge about creating a hovercraft and machineries of the mad scientist's laboratory? Certainly agile and fast vehicle, and the enormous problems for other drivers."

Super MoveEdit

Banana Cannana!!!Edit

After activating the movement of the Rabbid & Minion's vehicle and emerging giant, rotating turret. For about 15 seconds it has shoots in different directions, mainly in other vehicles. Mainly shoots bananas, which cause feelings of side, but also can fire a banana peel, which makes it difficult to control enemies's car. His last shot is to launch a bowling ball that destroys everything in its path. After this has bursts of overheating.   

Super Move Theme: "Rabbids Invasion" Rabbids Invasion


  • This team is my "gift" for my sister who is a big fan of Minions.