Patricia the Skunk
Name Patricia the Skunk
Universe Sonic
Debut OC
Lawl Series Unknown
Standard Kart Flying Broom
Special Kart Pink 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Car
Home Track Light Forest
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Katie Griffin
Rival  ???

Racer InfoEdit

She is a Cheerful Skunk with a Heart of Gold who manage to be a Great Friend with Jack. Her Kart is her signature Flying Broom, this vehicle is a gift from her mother, Brittney the Skunk Hybrid.



Her Flying Broom


Her Pink 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Car

Super MoveEdit

Magic Skunk AttackEdit

Patricia launches her Magic Orb Swarm attack at the other racers in front of her while spraying her skunk gas at the other racers behind her. Super Move Theme:


  • W.I.P.