Name Pan
Universe FUNimation
Debut Dragon Ball GT
Lawl Series Lawl with Garterbelt Race
Standard Kart Flight
Special Kart Cloud Fly
Home Track Dragon City
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Elise Baughman
Rival Kitana

Racer InfoEdit

Pan is the daughter of Videl and Gohan, and the granddaughter of Goku and Chi-Chi as well as Mr. Satan and Videl's mother. She is also the great-granddaughter of Ox-King and Bardock. Pan is also good friends with Bulla and Trunks, the children of Vegeta and Bulma. Pan is introduced near the end of the Dragon Ball manga, and only appears in a few episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Her role is extended into the anime series Dragon Ball GT, which takes place several years after the end of Dragon Ball Z. She is the last member to "join" the Z Fighters, as she fights along side and supports the others against the enemies within Dragon Ball GT. She later has a grandson named Goku Jr. Like all female characters in the Dragon Ball series, Pan has a unique style at some point. However, Goku gave her his old Turtle School uniform, which is currently one of her most prized possessions. As a kid, she has a hairstyle that resembles her mother Videl when she cut it short. As a teenager, she has a hairstyle similar to her grandmother Chi-Chi. She wears a red belly-baring T-shirt, sports an orange bandana on her head, has chains on her right side of her gray pants, and finger-less gloves much like her mother wore in Dragon Ball Z. She wears a blue-school bag as well.

Role in Story ModeEdit





She rather fly across the Track instead of sending a lot of hours on driving lesson.


Cloud FlyEdit

Much like Goku when He was a kid, He use a special yellow cloud to fly around.

Super MoveEdit


Super Move Theme:


  • She is one of the Member of the Out of the World Team. She represent Courage.