Name Necrid
Universe Namco
Debut Soul Calibur II
Lawl Series Lawl with Garterbelt Race
Standard Kart Foot Runner
Special Kart Chaos
Home Track Egyptian Crypt
Key-Keeper Yes
Voiced by N/A
Rival  ???

Racer InfoEdit

Necrid was once one of many warriors who managed to reach Soul Edge after beating its former owner. But as he approached the sword, the evil spirit of the sword, Inferno, raised from inside it and beckoned him. Upon seeing the apparition, the fear he felt was so great that he, despite thinking it was a dishonor for a warrior, escaped. He managed to avoid the confrontation, but ended trapped in the vortex of Chaos that Inferno brought. Trapped there, his mind and body were warped and contaminated by the strong evil aura of that realm, eventually turning him into an abomination.

During Kilik and Xianghua's battle against Nightmare, Necrid sensed that the spirit sword's existence harmed him, so he jumped through the open void and escaped Chaos just as it was collapsing. Now on the world once again, he soon discovered that he needed the evil influence of the void to keep himself alive. Out of instinct, and in constant pain, he attacked many travelers thinking they were "enemies", until one happened to carry a fragment of Soul Edge. The familiar aura softened his pain, and a "purpose" born in Necrid's mind: find the rest of the fragments so he can stop the pain. Necrid soon left on a journey to find other fragments.



Foot RunnerEdit

Necrid manage to run instead of using a Kart.



Necrid uses his Orb called Chaos, to make like a hoverboard, he'll use it to hover over the Track.

Super MoveEdit

Flame BustEdit

Necrid slams into the ground and fire a seeking Flame Bust. Who ever it hit will be flying in the sky and crashed into the ground, slowing them down. Super Move Theme: N/A


  • W.I.P.