Mega Aggron
Name Mega Aggron
Universe Pokèmon
Debut Pokèmon X and Y
Lawl Series Unknown
Boss Track Desert Ruins
Voiced by Billy Beach
Boss of Level 2

Boss InfoEdit

Aggron Mega Evolves into Mega Aggron. When it does, the destructive ability of its fearsome horns can turn a steel-clad tank into so much scrap metal. Aggronite, the Mega Stone needed to Mega Evolve Aggron, can only be obtained in Pokémon Y. By Mega Evolving, Aggron changes both its type and its Ability. By changing to a purely Steel-type Pokémon, it reduces its weaknesses, and its Filter Ability also reduces the damage it takes from supereffective moves.


Iron TailEdit

Mega Aggron swings his tail to the racer.

Heavy SlamEdit

Mega Aggron jumps high and does a body slam, creating a large shockwave tothe racer

Metal ClawEdit

Mega Aggron charges up his claw, before he slashes to the racer.

Way to DefeatEdit

The way to defeat Mega Aggron is to hit his stomach with shells in 3 hits. After that, he falls into the ground and devolves into Aggron. Thus winning the Mission.