Lydia Prower
Name Lydia Prower
Universe Lawl Community
Debut WoSBL Wiki
Lawl Series Unknown
Standard Kart The Fivetail
Special Kart  ???
Home Track  ???
Key-Keeper Not yet
Voiced by Herself or Lauren Linda (her MHF 2013 voice)
Rival  ???

Racer InfoEdit

Lydia Prower is a anthro fox who is the girlfriend of Sandvich33. Her kart is the Fivetail, a kart her brother (Miles 'Tails' Prower) made for her.



The Fivetail


Super MoveEdit

Super LydiaEdit

Lydia gets all seven Chaos Emeralds, turns into Super Lydia and whacks other racers with her bladehammer. Just think Sonic and Amy Rose's All Stars mashed together. Super Move Theme:


  • W.I.P.