Name Jiggly
Universe Pokemon Bootleg
Debut Moemon
Lawl Series Lawl with Garterbelt Race
Standard Kart Bubble Ride
Special Kart Puffball Hover
Home Track  ???
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Laura Bailey
Rival  ???

Racer InfoEdit

Jiggly is one of the 11 members in the Out of the World Team. She is consider a Cute Little Humanoid Version of Jigglypuff. She not much of a Fighter but more of Friendly, Innocent Girl. Her Special Move (and to some: Her Only Attack) is Sing, which can put almost any enemies to sleep.



Bubble RideEdit

The Bubble Ride is a Giant Bubble made by Jiggly to be use as a drivable car. Jiggly can run inside the Bubble to control it. Much like how a Hamsters rolls inside a ball.
Bubble Ride


Puffball HoverEdit

Like Jigglypuff in Smash Bros, Jiggly will try to inflate herself.

Super MoveEdit


Jiggly use Sing to put the other Racer to sleep, slowing them down.

Super Move Theme: <---Don't really sing for a Hour


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