Jack Jayson
Name Jack Jayson the III
Universe OC
Debut Lawl Racing
Lawl Series The John Kart
Standard Kart Turbo Rider
Special Kart Prototype Turbo Rider
Home Track Figure-8 Circuit
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
Rival John

Racer InfoEdit

Jack Jayson the III (Born in Queens, New York, USA, June 4, 1987) is the grandson of Jack Jayson the I and serves as the main protagonist of Lawl Racing. His dream is to become the greatest racer in the world to follow his grandpa's footsteps. He's an energetic man who dislikes to fail the race. He wears sunglasses, when he's in a race, he uses his goggles, he has a red scarf, green shirt, dark red pants, and brown boots. Jack befriends the racers from every Spin-Off Racing Games.

Role in Story ModeEdit



Turbo RiderEdit

Jack's signature Kart, originally his grandpa created it in 1945.


Prototype Turbo RiderEdit

Jack uses his Prototype version that he made it during Childhood.

Super MoveEdit

Turbo Rider Flying ModeEdit

Jack pusses a button, and the Turbo Rider enters in its Flying Mode. This Super Move goes more faster, and pressing the button will shoot a fast bullet that knocks the racer away.

Super Move Theme:


  • W.I.P.