Gannon X
Name Doug "Gannon X" Scheer
Universe Gannon X
Debut Gannon X
Lawl Series Unknown
Standard Kart Blue Six
Special Kart Great Gannon
Home Track Melgotic City
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Micheal Huag
Rival Danny Phnatom

Racer InfoEdit

Gannon is a boy with his friends. All of them save the world from the evil Z-Strap & his team, Kool-Breeze & Elastka. Z-Strap wants to destroy Gannon & the rest of his gang to become a evil king called "Great Lord Dorkhead". But Gannon also has to fight other villians named L.C. Lucky Lepperchuan, Dr. Goldstein, and The Giant Cat. His ultimate villain is Danny Phantom who rips him off pretty damn bad. He is concerned if the "Mega Rock Twin SiAmiYumi" is a fake or not.



Blue SixEdit

Gannon uses his blue kart with the number 6 as seen in Gannon X Kart.


Great GannonEdit

Super MoveEdit

My Little Landi BlasterEdit

Gannon X brings a big blaster and shoots a laser that knocks some of the racers.

Super Move Theme:


  • Gannon wears a blue headband so people with think he's cool.