Name Electivire
Universe Pokèmon
Debut Pokèmon Diamond and Pearl
Lawl Series The John Kart
Standard Kart Thunder Hover
Special Kart Walking Shock
Home Track Kanto Power Plant
Key-Keeper Yes
Voiced by Ross Douglas
Rival Magmortar

Racer InfoEdit

Electivire is a humanoid creature covered in yellow fur with black stripes. It appears to lack a neck, and has red eyes, a black spot on its forehead, and a pair of antennae with bulbous tips. A pattern on Electivire’s back resembles an electric outlet. The fur on its cheeks and shoulders is spiky and ruffled. Its two black tails have red tips. Electivire has black feet with three, clawed toes, and five black fingers on each of its hands. Electivire is known to be recklessly careless regarding enemy attacks. It uses its tails to make contact with its opponents, and shocks them with over 20,000 volts. Blue sparks fly between its antennae as its electric charge amplifies. Electivire usually feed off electric currents. In the anime Electivire has been seen eating fruits from trees.

Role in Story ModeEdit




Thunder HoverEdit

Electivire uses a large hovering metal with electric effect as a kart.


Walking ShockEdit

Electivire uses a Yellow Surfboard.

Super MoveEdit


Electivire releases multiple bolts of yellow electricity from his body at all racers.

Super Move Theme:

How to UnlockEdit

Electivire can be unlocked by completing The Shocking Cup under 1 Hour. Then race him in Kanto Power Plant. Which unlocks him and his home track.


  • Electivire can be seen as a parallel to Magmortar, both pokèmons that can be evolved by trading while holding an item in the games. They where both featured in Super Smash Bros. Tourney and its sequel as Starter Characters. Both uses the same Gym Leader Themes from Pokèmon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum as their Super Move Themes. Electivire uses the remixed version from Pokèmon Black 2 and White 2, while Magmortar uses the Elite Four version of the theme, and they are Key-Keepers.