Name Dudley
Universe Street Fighter
Debut Street Fighter III: New Generation
Lawl Series The John Kart
Standard Kart Jaguar E-Type
Special Kart Jaguar Mark IX
Home Track London
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Stuart McLean
Rival  ???

Racer InfoEdit

Dudley is an English boxer who was born into a wealthy English family. His father was a former athlete turned successful businessman. From the time he was a little boy, he wanted to be a fighter, but his family told him he was too small to compete. Later, his father lost his business and the family fortune. The losses prompted Dudley to take up professional boxing to earn back lost assets. Dudley then grew into a formidable boxer both in body and skill and was successful in bringing his family back to affluence. Despite everything that has happened, Dudley still boxes, seeking perfection both in and out of the ring, and always behaving as an impeccable gentleman. While Ryu is often compared to the archetype of a wandering ronin (a samurai with no master), Dudley is certainly representative of a chivalrous knight.



Jaguar E-TypeEdit

Choose your Kart (Dudley)


Jaguar Mark IXEdit

Choose your Kart (Dudley 2)

Super MoveEdit

Rolling ThunderEdit

Dudley jumps out of his kart, and lands to the racer, then he precceds to rapidly punches the racer and finishes off with an uppercut, knocking him/her out, then Dudley returns to his kart and gets a high boost of speed. If this super move fails, he rolls on the ground, slowing himself.

Super Move Theme:


  • W.I.P.