Linda Cosmohn
Name Linda Di Micco
Universe OC
Debut World of Lawl
Lawl Series Unknown
Standard Kart Adion
Special Kart N/A
Home Track Future Kansas
Key-Keeper No
Voiced by Chris Simms
Rival Agumon

Racer InfoEdit

Linda "Cosmohn" Di Micco is the future daughter of John and Cosmo the Seedrian that came from the future and created by Dr. Keli. She and her half-brother Johnie where sended into the past to search for their younger dad, not only she's a reporter, but also works for a secret govorment.

Role in Story ModeEdit




Cosmohn rides a futuristic bike that X and Zero used in Mega Man X5.



Super MoveEdit

White LindaEdit

Cosmohn leaves to her Adion and transforms into White Linda. Not only she can hover, but also gets faster. Pressing a button will shoot a blast to the racer with her Gun Blaster.

Super Move Theme: